(530) 643-3348
5821 Truck Village Dr.
Mt Shasta, CA 96067
What vaccines do you require?

All pets must be in good health to stay at Siskiyou Pet Care. Your pet must be current on the following vaccinations based on your veterinarian’s protocol prior to Boarding or Daycare.

  • Rabies
  • Distemper/Parvo Virus Combo (DA2PP or DHLPP)
  • Bordetella
  • Canine Influenza (We do not currently require the Canine Influenza vaccination, but do request that you discuss the need for this vaccination with your veterinarian.)
What are your hours?

Our operating hours are as follows:

  • Monday-Sunday: 8AM–5PM (Closed 12-2pm Daily)
  • Closed on Major holidays
When can I check-in or check-out my dog?

On arrival day, you may check in at any time during our operating hours. We prefer to have you schedule a time for check in and check out so we are prepared for your arrival. This makes for a quicker check in/check out.

On check-out day, you may check out any time during our operating hours. If you check out after 11am, you are charged a daycare fee.

Can I bring my pets own food?
Absolutely. We require you to bring your pets food for their boarding stay. Changing a dog’s diet can cause stomach upset.

We accept dry kibble, canned, dehydrated, fresh food, and raw. If you feed fresh or raw food, please separate portions for each meal. If you feed dry kibble or dehydrated it isn’t required to be individually portioned but we prefer it.

If your dog requires supplements, you may add them to the separated portions or have them labeled separately and we will add them to your dogs meals as instructed.

If your dog requires medications, please have them labeled separately. Do not add them to your dogs portioned meals.

You may bring treats and we will gladly spoil your pet throughout their stay with goodies!

What else can I bring?
Other than your dog’s food, we encourage you to bring treats and a chew toy or two. We supply a raised cot style bed, bedding, food and water bowls.

If you forget a chew toy or treats, don’t worry! Feel free to take a look at our retail aea.

We don’t allow bedding from home (beds/cots/blankets). Having a clean environment for all of our guests is a top priority. We change out and wash bedding daily. Keeping track of guests’ bedding or washing oversized bedding isn’t practical with our daily cleaning protocols.

Can I come in for a tour?
You can certainly come and visit our facility anytime during regular business hours. Our welcoming staff will be delighted to take you on an informative tour.
Is an overnight trial run a good idea?
It’s a great idea! Getting your dog comfortable with us before a stay is always a great way to ease any anxiety from your dog and for yourself!
Can I bring a favorite toy for my pet?
Certainly, we’d love to play and interact with your pet and their favorite toy. We just ask that you limit the number of toys to 3 per pet.
Can families lodge together?
Yes, families can stay together. Please call us to discuss how we can make your pets stay more comfortable.
Can you administer medications?
We will administer medications as needed during our operating hours. Prescription medications should be provided in their respective prescription containers, along with clear and written directions. For lengthy medication requirements, a fee may be added to your dog’s stay. Please call us with questions.
What should I have prepared for my pet’s arrival?
For all of our pet’s well-being, we require vaccinations for Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo, and Rabies. Please upload or email vaccination records at the time of booking.
What is your cancellation policy for reservations?
Although cancellations for reservations do not incur a fee at this time, as a courtesy, we request 48-hours notice.
How do I make reservations?

For reservations at Siskiyou Pet Care, you may either book completely online or give us a call (530)643-3348. Our reservation specialists will be happy to discuss all of the options SPC has to offer!

Can I add more activities to my pet’s daycare?
Absolutely! We have a large selection of playtime services and activities to make your pet’s stay comfortable and fun!
Can you accommodate pets with special needs?
We can accommodate pets with special needs such as diabetics, geriatric pets, pets in heat, or other pets needing special care. Please discuss your pet’s special needs with us in advance. To give your dog the added attention they deserve, there will be a fee added to their stay. Please call us with questions.

We are one of the few facilities equipped with staff to care for Special Needs pets. Because these clients require considerably more resources, time, and often special care from our Management, there will be an additional $10.00 per day charge. The guidelines to indicate if your pet is subject to this charge include, but are not limited to, the following:

Geriatric Pet

Limited Mobility

If your pet has difficulty getting up or cannot get up, your pet will need to be taken out 4+ times a day to relieve themselves. This will help keep them from losing all mobility.


If your pet is incontinent or refuses to potty outside we must provide them with extra potty breaks as well as clean up baths as often as necessary. Depending on the bathing/grooming services required, there may be additional charges. Be sure to ask at check in if you feel this may be a concern.

Aggressive Pet


We are very capable of providing care for fearful pets. Many just need to adjust to our routine and they learn quickly that we are friends and not to be feared. If our staff is unable to handle your pet due to fear aggression, only Management will handle this pet and a $10 fee will be added per day.


If your pet shows dangerous aggression to our staff members, only Management will handle them for the remainder of their stay. When providing care for these pets, we take extra precautions to insure the health and safety of both our staff and the pet and a $10 fee will be added per day. If Management feels uncomfortable continuing care, you may be asked to find other arrangements for boarding. Safety is our number one priority.

Special Needs Pet

Post-Surgical or Injured Pets

This includes pets that need to be kept in a confined space (our indoor/outdoor kennel with the doggie door closed) and have to be taken out for potty breaks on leash.

If you feel that your pet falls into any of these categories, please let us know when you make the reservation and during your pet’s check in. If you are unsure if your pet would fall into any of these categories, please ask to speak to a Manager.

Puppies under 6 months for added potty breaks. Clean ups.